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Jun 21, 2014

Ukulele Tutorial: How to play "Rude" by Magic! (EASY VERSION)

Here's how to play Magic!'s "Rude" on the uke using chords that are much easier for beginners!  (I also go into much more detail around strumming and strum patterns in this video.)

The song itself is pretty simple, especially when we drop it into a different key.  There are only 4 basic chords: F, G, C, and Am.

(Note: If you want to play along side the actual song, check out the full version of the "Rude" tutorial.)

The same 4 chords are used throughout the song, and you just change up your strumming pattern for each part.
  • Verse (reggae strum): F, G, C, Am (repeat 8x)
  • Bridge (single downstrum): F, G, C, Am;  F, G, C-G-Am
  • Chorus pt 1 (reggae strum): F, G, C, Am (repeat 2x)
  • Chorus pt 2 (three downstrokes): F, G, C, Am (repeat 2x)
  • Chorus pt 3 (reggae strum): F, G, C, Am (repeat 2x)

Be sure to watch the video to see how it's done.  Have fun!

(Interested in the full version of "Rude"? Check out this version!)