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Jun 21, 2014

Ukulele Tutorial: How to play "Rude" by Magic!

This tutorial shows you how to play Magic!'s "Rude" on the ukulele.

The song itself is pretty simple.  There's only 4 chords, but because of the key the song is played in, they can be a little tricky: Gb, Ab, Db, and Bbm.  (I also have a tutorial on an easier version, where we drop the song into a different key which makes it easier to play.)

There are multiple ways you can hold these chords, here are the fingering positions I prefer:

Alternatively, you may find it easier to use the lower position of Db, though I like the higher one:

Two ways to hold Db.  Use the one most comfortable for you.

The same 4 chords are used throughout the song, and you just change up your strumming pattern for each part.
  • Verse (reggae strum): Gb, Ab, Db, Bbm (repeat 8x)
  • Bridge (single downstrum): Gb, Ab, Db, Bbm;  Gb, Ab, Db-Ab-Bbm
  • Chorus pt 1 (reggae strum): Gb, Ab, Db, Bbm (repeat 2x)
  • Chorus pt 2 (three downstrokes): Gb, Ab, Db, Bbm (repeat 2x)
  • Chorus pt 3 (reggae strum): Gb, Ab, Db, Bbm (repeat 2x)

Be sure to watch the video to see how it's done.  Have fun!

(Interested in an easier version of "Rude"? Check out this version!)